The new Animal Rescue Project blog

We have lots planned for this blog, and this week, we’re getting started.

Why have an Animal Rescue Project blog?

Animal Rescue Project volunteers and staff are a community, and we’re part of the larger community around us. We have news and points of view to share. With a blog, we can organize, publish, and read a variety of types of information and updates. A blog also allows for interaction, which helps us all communicate with each other.

What’s this blog going to be about?

Adoptable dogs. cats, kittens, and puppies. Events. Other pet rescue work. News. Updates. And probably more. We have quite a few ideas, and we’ll see how this blog takes shape as it grows.

Who’s going to write for it?

Our president, Jim Di Loreto, will be one of the main contributors to this blog. As the site webmaster, I’ll be posting in it too. We’re looking for more regular and occasional contributors as well.

Your turn

Register and subscribe to the Animal Rescue Project blog. Click on “Register” in the column at the right, and during the registration process, you’ll be able to subscribe to¬† blog categories. Once subscribed, you’ll receive an email when new posts are posted in the categories you’re subscribed to.

Tell us your ideas. What types of content would you like to see in this blog? Click on “Leave a Comment” below this post to tell us here, or contact us offline. Note that you need to be a registered user to take part.

Offer your help. Contact us if you’d like to write for this blog. Animal Rescue Project speaks with a variety of voices.

Comment on posts. We encourage a respectful exchange of thoughts and ideas.

Get started

Our blog About page provides more information about this blog. And if you’re new to Animal Rescue Project, you’ll probably want to read the other pages at this website too. The tabs at the top of every page will guide you through the site. Read, register, and subscribe, and we look forward to sharing with you here.

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