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Animal Rescue Project prides itself on being a rescue without borders. So, what does it mean to be a rescue without borders? Perhaps, that is a question best answered by the animals from Harlan County, Kentucky or Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Unfortunately, they don’t know how to blog, so the answer will have to come from me instead.

The answer is simple, we rescue where we see a need. ARP works side by side with Starfish Animal Rescue out of Chicago to pull animals from one of the most impoverished counties in the United States; Harlan (pictured below is the first group of dogs ARP brought up from Harlan). We do this because the shelters of Harlan simply cannot provide the quality of care that we can based solely on their economic condition and not a lack of desire. The animals deserve the opportunity to be a part of such a loving community, namely Southwest Michigan.

Ok, so we rescue within the U.S. irrespective of state borders, but now you may be wondering, why Mexico? What would the reason be to bring dogs from Cabo San Lucas when there are so many dogs in the U.S. who need homes. I am so glad you asked. Typically, dogs in Mexico are not kept as family pets. Many dogs spend their lives on the streets. The Cabo San Lucas Humane Society offers a shelter for the dogs who would otherwise live and die on the street. Isn’t it consistent with out mission to be a rescue without borders to bring dogs here when we can to provide more room at the Humane Society for the dogs that are still out on the streets. That is why we reach down to Mexico; to give dogs who would have otherwise lived their entire life as a street dog the opportunity to be a part of a family.

At this point, you must be wondering, ok, rescue without borders, but this is categorized as being part of the Stuffed Animal Drive, where is the parallel?

In the picture above you can see Marty the Moose, and below he is with all of his pals. Marty waited patiently (much like the dogs of Harlan, Cabo, and in many other pounds) in the bins of Ikea in Cincinnatti, Ohio before being rescued by an ARP volunteer. Consistent with our mission this volunteer decided that Marty and his friends deserved the opportunity to be a part of a Southwest Michigan family. So, today Marty and his friends will make the trip north from Cincinnati to Portage, to the Animal Rescue Project Satellite Adoption Center where they will be given to Res-Q, the ARP Mascot.

Res-Q will provide the stuffed animals a warm place to stay until December 18th when he will deliver them to their new homes. Marty and his friends will find homes with children of Southwest Michigan who are spending their holiday season in the hospital this year.

If you see a stuffed animal on a shelf that needs to find a home this holiday season, won’t you please pick them up and bring him to one of our drop off sites:

*ARP Shelter – 219 Peekstock in Kalamazoo
(M,Tu, Th, Fr 3-7pm)

*ARP Adoption Center – 5202 S. Westnedge in Portage
(Saturdays 11am-4pm)

*Bark’s 5th Avenue – 3015 Oakland Dr. in Kalamazoo

*Gull Lake Animal Hospital – 7820 N. 34th St. in Richland
(across from Gull Lake High School)

*Friendship Animal Hospital, 6058 S. 12th St in Texas Township

*Oshtemo Veterinary Hospital, 6303 Parkview Av, in Oshtemo

Keep Rescuing! :-)

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