Lost Chihuahua Dog in Portage

Annabelle is a long-haired Chihuahua with black and tan markings and weighing only a few pounds. She was wearing a blue collar when she got out of a car at the MacDonald’s at Winters Drive and Portage Road in Portage, across from the airport. She was last seen heading north. Because she is shy and scared, she probably won’t come to people she doesn’t know.

She was rescued from a hoarding situation and came to us as a frightened little dog. She went to a wonderful foster home. Today was going to be her lucky day — she was adopted. But when her new family stopped on the way home, she got out and ran off.

If you see her, please call < < edit: phone number not needed any more >>. We are very eager to have her safe again.

lost Chihuahua dog Annabelle    lost Chihuahua dog Annabelle
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3 Responses to Lost Chihuahua Dog in Portage

  1. rkdcode4 says:

    I searched for several hours Saturday in the area, talked to several neighbors and even had one of them accompany me on the search. I will be out again on Sunday.

  2. courtney2 says:

    I posted this as a news article on American Towns and sent to all of my Battle Creek, Vicksburg, Paw Paw, Climax, Kalamazoo and Portage friends. I suggest everyone do the same. She’s bound to turn up.

  3. gold1102 says:

    We finally caught her on Saturday Night, For everyone that helped in her capture/ return, Many,many thanks.
    After fostering so many for so long, You really try not to attach yourself to them to much as they become to hard to let them go when the time comes. She is one special and very lucky lady that so many people cared enough not to just give up and leave her out there, Yet without much to go one for over a week many peopke persisted and she was finally caught up with,
    She seemed to be just fine and is as of Yesterday in her New Permanent Forever home.
    Many thanks for everyones help as it couldn’t have been possible without all dedicated help, Thats what makes this rescue different than everyone out there.


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