Featured Dog: Harper

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Featured Dog Harper for Adoption in Kalamazoo / Portage MI

Beautiful with her tri-colored coat and trim build, Harper was born in about March 2011, making her just over a year old. She was rescued from a Southwest Michigan pound and came to us described as a Beagle mix. Our guess is that she’s an Australian Kelpie or perhaps a Kelpie, Basenji, Husky, or herding breed mix. Her strong prey drive might be a clue.

Harper loves people. She’d love to be with you as much as possible. She also loves to run. Fortunately for her, she has Animal Rescue Project volunteers who take her jogging. She’d do well in a home with someone who can give her lots of attention and exercise. If you’re looking for a running partner, she’d be ideal.

She gets along with other dogs at the shelter, and she did well with a three-year-old child that she was introduced to.

You can meet Harper at our rescue shelter in Kalamazoo during open hours or at our adoption events in Portage on Saturdays (see our Home page). To learn more about Harper, please contact us. Or just fill out a dog adoption application form now!

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Featured Adoptable Dog Harper in Kalamazoo / Portage, Southwest MI   
Featured Dog for Adoption in Kalamazoo / Portage, Southwest MI

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