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American Bulldog / Pit Bull Caddy is a 75-pound lap dog who wants to be your best buddy and your protector. He adores everyone in his foster family, and once he’s met new people, he loves them too. Powerful and athletic, he often gets compliments on his good looks.

This affectionate bullypit lived with the same owner from when he was a puppy until his owner was deployed overseas and Caddy came to an Animal Rescue Project foster home. He was raised with firmness and love, and he socialized with his extended family of people and their dogs. He needs to be introduced to new dogs with care, but he got along with all the dogs in his previous extended family. As long as other dogs don’t show any aggression, he’s excited to see them.

Born in October 2006, Caddy still has puppy energy and playfulness. He loves to chase and pounce on tennis balls — in the first photo below, the tennis ball is just out of sight and all four of his feet are off the ground. He’s happiest when sharing play time with a person, but he’ll play with his indoor toys on his own with exuberance too.

Caddy is intelligent and mentally as well as physically active. His quizzical face often shows him trying to figure out his people, and he often knows what his people are thinking or feeling. He learns fast, and he knows quite a few words and hand signals. In addition to basic commands such as "Sit" and "Down," he knows "Wait," "Out of the kitchen," "Go to your place," "Go find it," "Where’s your bone?" and more. Once he burns off his initial energy, he walks well on a leash with a Gentle Leader headcollar.

As much as he loves to play, he also likes to have a job. On walks, he likes the responsibility of carrying a dog backpack. He’s watchful over his family and accepts new people into the home only when a family member introduces them — and then he’s delighted to see them on each visit too. He became loyal to his foster family quickly, so we know that he’ll be great with a new forever family. He would do best with someone who understands powerful breed dogs and has time to give him regular exercise and play time.

Several people who have met Caddy and who have experience with dogs like him have told us that they’d adopt him if they were able to adopt another dog in their current situation. If you’d like to meet Caddy, please contact us to arrange to meet him. Or fill out a dog adoption application form now!

Read more about Caddy on his Petfinder profile.

Featured American Bulldog / Pit Bull Caddy for Adoption in Kalamazoo / Portage MI    Featured American Bulldog / Pit bull Caddy for Adoption in Kalamazoo / Portage, Southwest Michigan

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