Featured Cat: Starburst

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Featured Adoptable Tortoiseshell Kitten in Kalamazoo / Portage MI

Born in July 2010, tortoiseshell Starburst is officially still a kitten although she’s almost a full-grown cat. Her name describes her tortie appearance and her personality — her striking coat looks like a star burst its brightness onto the contrasting dark background, and her personality shines brightly too.

Starburst enjoys people time and play time. When you walk into the Animal Rescue Project free-range kitten room, chances are that she’ll come and greet you. She likes being stroked and spending time on laps, but she has her independent side too. And she really likes to play. Make something move, and she’ll go after it. Most of all, though, she’d like to have a special person or family to share her life with.

Starburst would love to meet you at our shelter in Kalamazoo during open hours or at our adoption center in Portage on Saturdays (see our Home page for details). To learn more about Starburst, please contact us. Or just fill out a cat adoption application form now!

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Tortoiseshell Kitten Starburst for Adoption in Kalamazoo / Portage, southwest Michigan     Tortoiseshell Cat for Adoption in Kalamazoo / Portage MI Starburst

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