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About Animal Rescue Project

We are dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption of at-risk pets in pound facilities. We rescue from pound facilities everywhere in Michigan — and anywhere else there is a dog or cat in need. To read more about us, see our Home and About pages. To read about our adoptable dogs and adoptable cats, see our Adopt section. Would you like to talk to us? See our Contact page.

About this blog

Our blog is a platform for us to communicate with other Animal Rescue Project volunteers, with people who are considering adopting a dog or cat, and with people who care about animals and animal rescue. Animal Rescue Project volunteers and sometimes other people write for this blog. If you’re interested in contributing to it, please contact us.

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Other ways to talk to us

Come to an adoption event — upcoming adoption events are listed on our Home page. Or call us, email us, visit us, or write to us. Our contact information is on our Contact page. Online, you can find us via Facebook as well as at this site.

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